Fixed GE refrigerator main board

Last week Susan called and said the refrigerator wasn't working, when the door was openned the lights would flicker, or not come one, and the display on the front of the fridge flashing 00 37 and 00 00. In addition it would make a clicking noise. She tried unplugging it and plugging it back in but it acted the same. When I got home from work I took a look, and started looking on the internet to see if there was anything about GE refrigerators and this problem. I came across a post on an appliance blog about capacitors on the main board failing ( clicking-noises-ge-refrigerator ) and decided to take a look at ours:

1. Taking off the back cover here's the main control board


2. This picture shows the same to capacitors bulging on my main board as the poster to the blog above:


3. Here is the board after replacing the capacitors (mine were slight larger -- rated at 35v instead of 25v like the originals):


4. Repaired board back in place:


After the fix the fridge has been working fine.